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Saturday, April 11, 2015

17 Island Marine Park Tours - Riung

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For sea lovers, you certainly want to see the beauty of the sea around the world. Many of the sights of the sea that you can make your tour destinations. Indonesia is one of the amazing sea tourist destination. The natural beauty of indonesia is very well known to all corners of the world.

You certainly need a beautiful sea view, comfortable and relaxed once. Until the time of sightseeing you'll really feel relaxed and detached from all the clutter of your routines so far. The marine park is the right choice for you. You can choose from a large selection of the location of the existing marine parks in parts of the world.

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17 Island marine park is located in district of Riung Riung, about 75 km north of the city, the capital of Ngada Regency Ngada Regency-Nusa Tenggara Timur-Indonesia. Consists of a cluster of Islands as "a paradise under the sea" unspoiled, this island consists of a group of small islands and coral islands that stretch in front of the Bay of Riung.
A cluster of small islands and large Islands include: Wire, Sui, Taor, copper, three (Long Island), Bampa, Desk, Rutong, Patta, Halima (Nani Island), large, Lainjawa, Kolong, Dua, Ontoloe (the largest), Borong, and Pau Island.

Underwater nature of these islands is rich with biodiversity. The children's nature tourism Seventeen Island is a dry forest. Almost all over the coast of overgrown with mangroves.

The island was PulauTiga and spot Rutong best to bersnorkling. Various types of sea animals can be found here. Its sloping white sands and clear waters of the sea is a unique charm to the beach-hopping. Its crystal clear waters and white sand make anyone happy to enjoy the beauty of this island.
Thousands of bats hanging in the tree which became the attraction of the island of Ontoloe. On this island and the hills surrounding Riung is inhabited by giant monitor lizard specific Riung. Locals call it "Mbou". When a Komodo dragon Varanus Komodoensis, then called the Riung lizard also known as Varanus Riungensis.

Come on, come to indonesia and you can enjoy lots of natural beauty that is completely natural in this world. Indonesia will always welcome you by providing every comfort for your travel needs.

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