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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lake Toba, deepest lake on the mountain

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Lake Toba in North Sumatra Province is one of the most beautiful volcanic Lake which belonged to Indonesia. With an area of 1,145 square kilometers to reach the Lake Toba, seem like an ocean which lies at an elevation of 900 metres above sea level. The Lake is referred to as Southeast Asia's largest lake and is also the deepest lake in the world because it has a depth of up to 450 metres.

In the middle of Lake Toba, there is an island named Samosir island. Samosir island has two small lakes namely Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang. Samosir Island, which has an area of almost the same area of the country is not an empty island of Singapore, the island became the residence of Batak Samosir. Batak living d Samosir island still holds firm beliefs of their ancestors. They also run various rituals common ancestors in the past.

On Samosir island there are two villages that many tourists that Tomok and Tuktuk. Tomok is a village which has many interesting attractions such as the tomb of Batak King Sidabutar, museums and dance recitals doll Sigale-gale were very popular. In contrast to Tomok which has many historical sights, the Tuktuk is a village where there are many lodgings for tourists who came to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Lake toba.

Samosir Island not only the appeal of these sights, Lake Toba also surrounded by pine forest and several waterfalls as well as the warm baths in the Woods. Views around the Lake is very beautiful with a relatively cool air so you will of course taste to linger here.

For the people of Batak in the vicinity of the Lake, Lake Toba is not just natural attractions which have the wonderful beauty. They believe that Lake Toba became the place of the seven Batak deities or commonly called by Namborru. Whenever will do activities around the Lake, the community will pray and ask for permission in advance to the event gets a blessing and can run smoothly.

History Of Lake Toba

Like most natural attractions in Indonesia, in addition to having scientific history, Lake Toba also keeps the folklore that is believed to be the origin of the formation of the Lake.

According to the folklore that has been widely circulated, Lake Toba formed from family stories of phantom fish. In ancient times, there was a young man who was fishing in the river and then managed to get a fish. Unlike other fish, the fish which he obtained could speak and begged not to be cooked. The fish is then transformed into a very beautiful woman named Toba.

Long story short, both of whom were married, yet there is one request that cannot be broken Toba youth. No one knows about who exactly beautiful woman whom he married. Their marriage runs fine until they have a boy named Samosir bengal and always feel hungry.
One day, Samosir was commissioned to send food to his father in the fields, but instead brought her food eaten on the street. His father was hungry and decided to go home, on the way back he saw the stock was eating Samosir is supposed to be for his father. Because the condition is very angry, he accidentally pointed Samosir and says that he is the son of a fish.

Once the skies darkened and rain with downpours. Water is also out of the village that makes underground inundated. Toba and Samosir suddenly lost when the village turns into a Lake of water. It was then that formed Lake Toba and Samosir island is believed to be the embodiment of the demon fish and his son.

If seen from the more scientific, Lake Toba volcanic Lake was formed due to the eruption of Mount Toba on thousands of years ago. Caldera forming eruption or crater giant later filled water into the Lake like today.

The explosion was so incredible to scatter his volcanic ash almost to all parts of the world and cause mass mortality, reducing the number of people 60% of the time. In addition, according to the researchers, the eruption also affects the Earth's climate and weather so it enters ice age.

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