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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rinjani Mountain Climbing Tours

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For travelers who want to try new things than usual to spend your holidays and also liked the challenge. Mountain climbing is probably one of the alternatives that can be done.
Because that way we can feel how it feels to blend with nature. By trying one of the sights of Lombok – Indonesia. Maybe  your adrenaline will be more encouraged by climbing atop Mount Rinjani is the highest Mountain in the West Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia.

Mount Rinjani With altitudes between reaches approximately 3.726 m from sea level. The mountain became a tourist destination for the purpose of mountaineers from all over Indonesia even also all over the world. Because of this gununng Keep the charm and beauty of nature that deserves the appreciation of a perfect natural charm, inviting anyone to attempt to conquer the Summit of this mountain.

Another Option For You, If You Prefer The Sea Tourism Destinations

A few places that often became a stopover for tourists or climbers Senaru and Sembalun regions, namely Tetebatu has a very good view to see mountain ranges that exist around Mt. Rinjani. There is also mountain lake water is very blue and the surrounding communities often call it son of Segare.
A lake that was once used for the find objects of the Galaxy is believed to be the community can also heal illnesses. Very exotic scenery of the mountain due to the nicks of flora and fauna are very much and also recorded more or less there are 109 species of birds here.

Choice of Attractive Destinations For Your Holiday

The matchless natural charm and is supported by a wide range of wealth in it makes the climbers always want to come back menakhlukkan mountain. But to climb this mountain, You have to be careful and alert to what is going to happen at any time because it is very dangerous and save an awful lot of unsolved mysteries.
Best wishes for a beautiful natural Charm and unsolved mysteries of this mountain will become a motiv breast milk for you to try to conquer the mount Rinjani. Are you whom to do the climb this mountain?
Come and show your skills on Mount Rinjani-Indonesia

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