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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Blue Lagoon on The Sempu Island

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Sempu Island is one of heaven panorama tour of Indonesia. The attraction of this island is a natural lake located in the middle of the island. The Lake is formed by the waves of the southern ocean water violently entering through the cliff of the island's dividing line perforated on one side of the island. In addition, the sand on the Sempu Island is very clean and soft.

Location of Sempu island itself is at the beach (Fish Auction) Sendang Biru Malang (Malang South), the province of East Java. To reach the island from the town of Malang, it is recommended you bring a personal four-wheeled vehicles. Distance from the city of Malang to Sempu island is about 69 km. When you get to of the Sendang Biru Beach, you must rent a boat which cost about 150 thousand to reach the Sempu Island. Don't forget, later the mother guards the boats will provide a mobile telephone number for you to call when you intend to return for, and have picked up on the shores of the Sempu Island.

You can enjoy Beautiful views of the Indian Ocean that we can watch for free at time of crossing to the island sempu this. A view of course is fabulous for you lovers of the sea.

Upon arriving at the island sempu returns you will be presented with other natural beauty that is you have to go through The Tracking to the Blue Lagoon, which is actually the Conservation forest area which is of course protected by the Indonesian Government.
The streets are filled with coral stones which add to the beauty of the scenery on your trip.

To travel this of course requires great stamina from you. because you have to walk considerable distances to arrive at the destination location sightseeing trips to the Sempu Island. And over the terrain passable but it gives weight preoccupation itself for you.

Finally after a pretty exhausting trip, you will arrive at the Blue Lagoon which is very-very impressive. You can enjoy the sun still shines with warm. The Blue Lagoon is still receding, it appears crystal clear water of the sea and a beautiful coral reefs here are becoming attraction for all tourists coming from everywhere.
Here you can see a natural wonders, spectacular blue Lagoons formed by the fierceness of the South Sea water entered the island through the island's hollow walls. South Sea waves pounding her hard so hard and so entered the walls of the island and the waters form a stylish, beautiful Lake.
More and more water, lunch pairs and the Lake is filled by more water. You certainly can't wait to play around with the taste of the water and can swim in the Lake, like the quietness of this paradise.

You can also continue your excursion with a climb to the top of the highest of the sempu island. This is so you can sit there for a moment to rest and look forward to hordes of dolphins that often play in the sea around the place. The most extraordinary scenery which became Indonesian nature is very beautiful and gorgeous.

The richness of nature and the beauty of the panorama in indonesia of course will await a visit from you all. You will be able to enjoy all of the amazing panorama if you come and pay a visit to indonesia. The sea and the beautiful island to the attention of many tourists from wherever they originate. If you are not interested to come and witness for yourself?.

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