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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Old City at Sorong - Doom Island

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Doom Island is a old city part of Distrik Sorong Kepulauan situated about 2 kilometer from Sorong port. Doom Island may be unfamiliar for you. It’s not surprising since the island has rarely been exposed by media. The island has circle of about 4.5 kilometer. The arrangement of the island is so tidy. This is because the island was used to be the occupation area of Netherlands. The Netherlands had arranged and made this island one of the best places in Papua - Indonesia. You can still find the trace of the colonial when you are in this island. The island is not too large. Thus, you can walk around this beautiful island to enjoy the scenery on foot. Otherwise, you can go on becak, a local traditional means of transportation, to enjoy the island.

Doom Island lies about 2 kilometer on the western part of Sorong City, West Papua. It takes only about 10 minutes to reach the island. You can go by boat (Jhonson) or usually called sea can from Sorong. You only need to pay for Rp3,000 (less than a dollar) for each passengers. Otherwise, you can go by speedboat. The island has become residence of Sorong people since the colonial era. The island has much tourism potential.

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You can find many buildings with unique architecture of Netherlands. The island has been built since early 20th century. Today, the island has developed into a beautiful tourist destination managed professionally by the local government. The supporting facilities are sufficient to welcome visitors. Visitors can enjoy complete facilities, from places to pray like mosque and church and various means of transportation, including becak and ojek, the local transportation.

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