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Sunday, April 12, 2015

the smallest island in the world - Bishop Rock

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Have you ever seen the smallest island in the world? Curious as to what is the smallest island in the world? According to Guinness World Records, the smallest island in the world is a Rock located in the Bishop's Isles of Scilly, about 48 miles from the United Kingdom. With a length of 46 meters long and 16 meters wide, the island is very small and is not an island that can be made into everyday living.

If you imagine island with white sand in the middle of the ocean is the manifestation of the smallest island in the world, then of course you are wrong. Bishop Rock () is an island of coral outcrops in the middle of the Ocean near the islands of Scilly. Bishop Rock has no beaches, white sand, coconut trees, or because the entire surface of the island is coral. The rock has a depth of about 45 feet.

Although small and secluded, the smallest island in the world is famous for its uniqueness. What is the uniqueness of Bishop Rock? The uniqueness of the island is a high lighthouse that has 10 floors that stands firmly on top of the rock are not waves at any time.

Why in such a small island it could have built a big lighthouse? The answer is because it was once in this location around an awful lot of accidents ship crashed into the reef island at night. Waves and currents around Bishop Rock also belongs to the large and powerful, so passing ships very vulnerable the Rock Island hit.

The biggest accident ever to occur in this place that the sinking of the United Kingdom fleet that carries about 2,000 troops since crashing Bishop Rock. Passenger ships were no survivors. After the incident, the United Kingdom Government immediately decided to build a lighthouse on the smallest island in the world.

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Build a beacon in the midst of the seas choppy isn't an easy job, the construction of the lighthouse made from this granite was discontinued because of the wind, waves and a strong current. Construction of the first stage in 1847 failed because the iron lighthouse collapsed eaten malignant waves even before construction was completed. The new Lighthouse building is made of granite and was completed in 1858. Since then, no more accidents hit the Bishop Rock light from the lighthouse because it can penetrate approximately 45 KM and guarded by some guards.

Each floor in the 10-story Lighthouse has a different function:

1st floor: clean water tank to guard
2nd floor: entrance
3rd floor: storage space
4th floor: fuel oil tank Space lighthouse
5th floor: fuel oil tank Space lighthouse
6th floor: Central Hall for carers
7th floor: bedroom for carers
8th floor: storage space
9th floor: Room service
10th floor: Lighthouse Lamps

Currently the smallest island in the world is there are no inhabitants because in 1992 the Bishop Rock lighthouse keeper retired from his job. Jobs at the lighthouse was replaced by a machine that can automatically adjust the lighthouse. However, each some time there will be officers who came to Bishop Rock by using helicopters to do the checking of the lighthouse.
Although it has no current residents, the smallest island in the world has already become one of the tourist attractions that are often visited by tourists. Bishop Rock tour services that exist on the islands of Scilly it is 16 Pounds. The ship used for the tour will not be docked to Bishop Rock due to the strong arusnya pretty dangerous, but no need to worry because you will be given the chance to take pictures with the smallest island in the world.

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