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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tour mount Bromo in East Java-Indonesia

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Mount Bromo that stands firmly as high as 2.329 meters above sea level, mount Bromo is very well known to all corners of the Earth due to save the natural beauty which is very various and a shame if you miss to visit it. The volcano is still active is administratively located in the four-County area in East Java-Indonesia, among others, Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Malang. This of course is very easy for tourists to come from the direction of wherever they want.

The mountain derives its name from the name of the deity in the teachings of Hinduism, Brahma, this is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and has become the most famous tourist attractions in the province of East Java-Indonesia. National Park covering an area of 800 sq km is covered area of Mount Semeru and mount Bromo.

The mountain is famous for its beautiful view of the sun rising. To be able to watch this beautiful phenomenon, you should be able to rise to the top of incline which is the best location to be able to see the sunrise.

You can tell in advance at the Inn where you stay in bromo on the night before that you wanted to watch the sunrise. The next morning around 2 in the morning, you will wake up in preparation for the climb. Feeling tired because of the hike will be paid off in full view of the Sunrise is amazing. As the sun slowly creeping up, susasana will be very quiet and the only sound is the camera snapshots of tourists.

Mount Bromo crater with a diameter of about 800 meters long from North to South and about 600 meters from East to West. With the content of sulphur in the crater, it's no wonder if the smell of sulfur wafted sharp enough while you're standing on the edge. To be able to enjoy the beauty of this crater, you must climb the 250 steps in advance. If this sounds laborious, available horses belonging to the local people that you can rent.
The temperature of the air at Mount Bromo ranging between 3-20 degrees Celsius, even can reach minus 0 degrees Celsius. To that end, prepare warm clothes, gloves, scarves and head coverings. If you forgot to bring the equipment goes without worry because you can find merchants around the site.

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