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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Travel to Son of Mount Krakatau

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For those of you who want to make excursions to the mountain, perhaps it could be made an option for your visit. Mount Krakatau is one of the volcanoes in Indonesia and this will happen in 1883 eruption with the sound of the explosion was heard up to 4,500 km radius. Ashes were scattered as far as 80 kmdpl. In addition, the eruption of Krakatoa is also provoked waves of the ocean tides as high as 40 m and mengahancurkan hundreds of villages along the West coast of the Bay of lampung and Banten. After Krakatau erupted, never again saw his activity like other volcanoes.

The appeal of the mountain located in the waters of the Sunda Strait that separates Java island with Sumatra island is situated on the remains of the eruption of Krakatau and Krakatoa's child also every month adds up to 5 cm high.

Blue Ocean that encircles the tourist area of Mount Krakatau doesn't make tired eyes can see. You can also fish at the foot of the mountain inhabited by different kinds of fish. Its water is clean and clear is very supportive of the activity You want to swim or snorkel. You will be amazed to see berdecak charm and quiet life under the sea and if lucky, you may see one of the species of marine fauna, namely fish nemo (amphiprion ocellaris).

The son of Krakatau is not less interesting for you to enjoy, even if You can not be too closer due to the numerous eruptions never happened, you still can reach the back of the mountain. The crater spouting rocks, sand, dust, and the hot lava is moments that always awaited by the visitors. If the State of this mountain are stable, You will be allowed to see the former flooded mountain which is a chunk of soil and rock that predominantly blackish brown color in a variety of sizes.

Sights of Krakatau, in the province of Lampung-Indonesia. If you depart from Banten, you can climb aboard a crosswalk or the so called "Roro" from the port of Merak to Bakauheni Port. " Journey time is 2.5 hours. From the port of Merak, the journey continues by bus to Kalianda with it takes about 45 minutes. The journey continues towards the village of Pier with Canti with journey time 10 minutes. Lastly, from the village of Canti continued with the trip using a rented speedboat to islands of Krakatoa with journey time 2.5 hours.
If you leave from Float, then the journey started from a terminal or Terminal Length towards Rajabasa Kalianda with travel time 45 minutes. Of the Kalianda, the journey continues by bus to Pier Village Canti and then rent a motorboat to the islands of Krakatoa. You can also shove off from the coast of Anyer, Carita Beach and Tanjung Lesung with travel time 2 hours using a speed boat.

Means of accommodation facilities and tourist attractions nearby Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait Kalianda, Sebesi Island, as well as tourist areas along the coast of West Java, such as Anyer, Carita Beach and Tanjung Lesung. In these places there are homestays, camping, resorts, guesthouses, villas and hotels of various types. The area is also equipped with a network of internet, tourist hut, shelters, children's play area, restaurant, parking, Garden Center gift shop and souvenirs, dive equipment rental, as well as boat rentals and a speed boat.

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