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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trips to The Eiffel Tower in Paris-France

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Probably for all of us are familiar with the term Eiffel or Eiffel Tower which is iconic of the city of Paris in France. As we know the Eiffel Tower is a tower made of steel were built into the Champ de Mars provide the Seine River. And the Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the tower with the height of 325 m, so in 1930 is the tallest Tower in the world at the time.
For those of you who will travel to France and tour will stop in Paris, then it is definitely the Eiffel Tower you will not miss to visit. This place is a bustling tourist attraction visited by tourists-foreign tourists as well as local communities there.

For example, in the summer it is often also used to sunbathe for tourists there. Many who perpetuate this provide photos, many people consider the Eiffel Tower as a symbol of romance. That is certainly many who came there to capture the moment beautifully about their love. A critical moment that will not be easily forgotten.

If you've been in the city of Paris and the Eiffel Tower location to want to pretty easy transportation. You can use the open roof bus tours, or if you want to fast and not a problem with issuing money can use taxis (approximately 5 to 10 euro, depending on the distance is close or far from the location of your initial departure). Once provide the Eiffel Tower, in the court below it, you can see there are a few kiosks where selling snacks and ice cream. And near to the four legs of the Tower there is a counter-the counter to buy a ticket over the Eiffel Tower.

We recommend that, if you do not want to stand in line to be able to ride to the towers, the better off the day you buy it via online. Because when you buy a ticket when you come, the queue is very long, can spend it.
To rise to the top of the Eiffel Tower is made of two parts, you can catch half or rise to the level of the top of the eiffel tower. For a half-height you can see with an open condition, whereas for a ride on the most peak height, we can only see off in the room which is protected by the surrounding glass (not outdoors). There provided binoculars-binoculars for you can see the view of Paris from above, surely you shall prepare the coin 2 euro to be able to use the binoculars-binoculars. The Tower provides a lift for might we go up and down, or you can also try using the stairs.
In addition you can take a shoots on top of the Eiffel Tower, you can also shop for merchandise and goods can also make a lunch or evening meal. To eat in a restaurant in the tower you must make a reservation in advance a few months earlier, you can't come to directly get to eat there as at other restaurants. Even if you want to get a great table by the window with a nice view, you must have a reservation for at least 6 months in advance. The food is here (for dinner) provided 3 section of the menu, the menu of main dishes, appetizers, and desserts. Each menu is served does not feel rushed, all served with a relaxed time, until you can do eat here a little over 2 hours.

The most appropriate time for your visit to the eiffel tower is in the afternoon, so you can see and berfoto-foto there in the condition of the sun still shines day and night to be dotted with beautiful lights lampur. In some time the Tower became more brilliant because the city lights. At least you spend half a day at the site of the Tower of Love.

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