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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Triton Bay With a Beautiful Underwater Tour

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Diving is an activity to enjoy the view under the sea is great fun. Maybe you like the activity of diving. If Yes, you might as well have been enjoying the beauty of the underwater panorama at Raja Ampat - Papua - Indonesia.

Apparently in addition to the RajaAmpat, there is another hidden paradise in West Papua that Kaimana. His underwater excursions can you meet in the Bay of Triton, Kaimana, Papua Barat. The underwater landscape in the Gulf is no less beautiful Triton with the Raja Ampat is also the same as in Western New Guinea.

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Triton Bay also has become the Kaimana sights with international standards. up to this point was recorded already very many foreign tourists who come to visit this place to enjoy the beauty of the bottom of the sea is a very charming.
Although located in the eastern end of Indonesia Islands, which are also not a lot of attention from the Central Government, the State of West Papua, Indonesia, turns out to have tourism potential which is far more beautiful than the existing tourist attractions in Western Indonesia. Especially for nature tourism and lower its cannot doubt its beauty.

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Because it is essentially the eastern Indonesia region has not been a lot of touchable by the people. So still very clean from contamination as it did in other major cities. Such an atmosphere is indeed a much sought after by those who need a refreshing and want to cool off from the urban noisy.
Do you also need a quiet and comfortable place to vacation?? If the answer is Yes, then this could be a Triton Bay one of the choice places on holiday to you all. Come and enjoy the beauty of underwater panorama here is going to be the most beautiful memories in the course of your holiday.

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