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Friday, May 15, 2015

Enjoy The Beauty of The Beach Mentehage - Minahasa

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Back again today we will share a beautiful place that deserves your travel destinations as the. And this time is special for you lovers of beautiful beaches with a very attractive Island cluster course. One of the pride of tourism in indonesia.

Mantahage island is an island in the marine park of Bunaken, administratively located in Wori which is part of the Regency of Minahasa in North Sulawesi Utara. The island looks green from afar, and it is located right in the middle of vast stretches of sea.
As far as you can see, this island is so beautiful with the blue sky and white clouds on it. When you arrive on the island, you can enjoy beautiful beaches with fine white sand. This is an island that is very interesting to visit, especially with the biodiversity in its undersea and mangrove forests.

Other options for destinations to the beach

Mangroves dominate the island, and is one of the Islands in the Group of islands of Bunaken Marine Park. Most people from this island spread across several villages with a livelihood as a farmer, and none have worked as fishermen. This is because the Government does not allow Mantehage local people to catch fish in large numbers. Fishing is restricted by certain rules.

There are four villages on the island, including Tangkasi, Tinongko and Buhiasm villages of Bongo. The island is one of the goals in a group of sea tourine Marine Park of Bunaken. The island is bordered by Philippine, Celebes Sea, the Maluku Sea and Minahasa. With those limits, the island offers a fantastic marine tourist destination for those visitors who come there.

To reach the island, you can travel from Manado. Once you arrive in Manado, you can continue your journey to Mantehage speedboat. It takes about an hour by speedboat to Mantehage from Manado.
Diving is the most exciting activities you can do on the island, Mantehage. Because there are 390 species of coral and fish species 91. You can enjoy the beautiful underwater life with this activity. There are several places to dive in the waters of island Mantehage. You can start diving from a location with a wide variety of fish and coral reefs. If you are a professional diver, you can dive to a depth of 18 meters. With such depth, you can have a different experience. You will be able to find a more unique creatures and extreme like napoleon, Barracuda, Angel fish, fish, lobster, blow Blue Ribbon eels and sharks.

All of that you can find on the island of Mentehage who is always looking forward to the arrival of your beautiful beach lovers. A unique island with extraordinary beauty which belongs to indonesia. Are you still confused to select tourist destinations?? Make the island of mentehage as one of the options for you right now.

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