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Sunday, October 25, 2015

All About Kakadu National Park - Australia

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Kakadu is a national park located in the North of Australia near the city of Darwin. It is the second, the world's largest national park and was designated world heritage by Unesco. It has 200 kilometres from North to South and 100 km from East to West. Aborigines have lived in the Park since thousands of years ago and today more than 500 people live in it. Most of the land belongs to them and the place they themselves jointly administered with the Government of Australia.

Northern Australia always has been considered one of the richest in biodiversity and is the least populated of the country territory. Several national parks have been established in the area, so the lands remain intact to showing its beauty. The interest to build national parks led to the creation of Kakadu. The idea was proposed in 1965, but only in 1978 was the creation of the Park. Then came two stages more than establishment in 1984 and 1996. Lands were designated at each different Aboriginal peoples and land management as a National Park plans were carried out.

One of the attractions of the place is the culture, that in the Park will not only learn, but also lives with the same Aboriginal. In the park there are cave paintings that are among the oldest in the world. Kakadu National Park is also home to incredible wildlife. There are 280 species of birds, 60 mammals, 50 fish, insects 10000 and 1600 species of plants. Of all animals is huge marine or saltwater crocodile. It is a be awesome and you can see plenty in the Park. I tell you that this type of crocodile can live both in rivers and in the sea. Kangaroos and numerous exotic and colorful birds are also common.

The views are unbeatable; its varied landscape is at all times a print. From the beautiful city of Darwin is the Bowali visitor centre which has all the necessary information to visit the Park; guides contracts can be made, hotel offers and everything else will come. Upon entering the Park from Jaribu, population mining, there are giant termite mounds up to four meters that are known as cathedrals. They begin to observe the red soil characteristics and impressive vegetation. Also highlight the crystal-clear lakes, several waterfalls, like the Jim Jim having a height of 215 meters of height and everything that you can imagine.

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In Kakadu are different, highlighting the aquatic. There are beautiful lakes where you can swim without the danger of crocodiles and also you can swim in other places but always informed of the activity of the grandiose but terrifying reptiles. The walks are also popular, especially to visit the different falls. Boats are also hired to discover the coast of golden sand and with the presence of the aforementioned alligators.

It may not be hiring guides to visit the famous Ubirr Rock caves containing the famous and ancient cave drawings. Kakadu National Park is certainly a paradise that should not be visited. To enjoy to the fullest, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, shoes all terrain, sunscreen Sun and insect repellent for insects. Of course inform yourself before you go will be the best to know what to do at all times.

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